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Back to School Fashion Forecast

By Sara Antonuccio
School is back in session! Put your best fashion foot forward by tuning in to our style forecast and discovering the anticipated trends that will rock the classroom.
It’s All About the ‘90s
Who would have thought that mom jeans would be in style? But it’s the truth! ‘90s fashion, with mom jeans leading the pack, is showing up in stores more and more, but some innovative teens are raiding their parents’ wardrobe for the authentic look. Also called Y2K fashion, this trend includes ribbed cardigans, track suits (always in velour), mini skirts, and scrunchies. 
Loving Tie-Dye
Every year, there’s a hint of hippie in the fashion forecast. This year it’s emerging as tie-dye t-shirts, dresses, and joggers. Pastel shades and less eye-popping colors are the norm, and stripes are just as common as the classic swirl patterns typically characterizing tie-dye. To really be a trend-setter, tie-dye your own clothing for a truly unique look that no one else will have!
Customized Clothing
Speaking of DIY, customized clothing is making a comeback. Hot-glued glitter? Yes please. Bedazzled jeans and jackets? Definitely. Patches and iron-ons everywhere? Where do we sign up? Any form of cutting, glueing, dyeing, or otherwise transforming is fair game. After all, who doesn’t want their clothing to be uniquely theirs? 
Don’t Forget the 2010s
We covered the ‘90s, but we can’t leave the 2010s out! While the older teens might be all about the Y2K decade, younger teens are looking to the 2010s for inspiration. From this decade we got hipster fashion, athleisure, and a little bit of throwback skater style. 
Express Yourself
More than anything, this back to school season is about using fashion to express yourself. Personalization is at the forefront of the movement, but taking an individual approach to trends is close behind. Take inspiration from what you see in stores and celebrity photos, but put your own twist on it. An easy way to add uniqueness to an outfit is through accessories, such as shoes, bags or backpacks, and of course jewelry.
The TLDR for the back to school fashion forecast is reinventing the wardrobes of today’s parents. We’ve moved on from the ‘60s and ‘70s and are on to new decades of style that hold even more eccentric, quirky, and fun looks to choose from.