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Gift Guide for Kids

By Laura Leiva
Holiday shopping can feel overwhelming when you show up to the mall without a list in hand. Looking for the perfect gift for a child or young teenager? Here are some of the trending gift items to consider adding to your shopping cart:

·       Babies: For this age group, anything that stimulates sense is a good option. Play mats, teething toys, and sensory toys are useful and entertaining to babies. Plush toys are also popular – knit dolls are soft and safe for all ages.  
·       Young children: At this age, imagination is thriving. Some of the best gifts for kids between the ages of 3 and 5 are toy sets, doodling mats, bath toys, and building blocks. 
·       Older children: For older children, consider gifts that spark creativity. Books, games, building sets are fun but takes their age into consideration (since they’re liking moving away from toys!). 
·       Teenagers: Shopping for teens might seem difficult, but there’s plenty of flexibility with this age. Look for things they keeping talking about – from a cool pair of shoes, cozy clothing from a trendy store, or a popular gadget – are all sure to impress even the most picky teenager. 

Before shopping season gets too busy, take a minute to brainstorm some ideas for the kids in your life – these trendy gift ideas are a great start!