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How to Style Your Denim Jacket this Spring

By Sara Antonuccio
Denim jackets are a yearly favorite come springtime. They’re wonderfully versatile, and they’re well suited for the transitional weather that comes with the time of year. But are you starting to feel like you’re wearing them the same way and need some variety? Getting that new look is as simple as trying one of these styling tips: 
With a T-Shirt Dress
One style we’re loving this year is t-shirt dresses, not just because of how comfortable they are, but also because they go with so many existing wardrobe staples (denim jackets included). Whether you choose an ankle-length or knee-length t-shirt dress, a denim jacket over the top prevents the look from veering too far into loungewear territory 
Over a White Blouse
A delicate white blouse needs something with a bit of grit to give it that interesting edge, and a denim jacket can do just that. Button up blouses work particularly well with this fashionable combination. To prevent this type of outfit from looking cowboy-chic, choose a light wash denim as opposed to dark. 
Paired with Leather
The most talented fashionistas ignore the rule about not mixing patterns, and it’s high time we forget what we thought we knew about mixing textures. Both denim and leather fall into the “edgy” category, so that should mean they go their separate ways, right? Wrong! Our favorite street styles this season match a pair of leather pants or a leather skirt with a denim jacket, so don’t be afraid to go bold!
Oversize It
You might know how to style a denim jacket, but do you know what type of jacket to select in the first place? Oversized is all the rage right now, and oversized denim jackets capture that 90s vibe that designers and influencers are loving. A light wash oversized denim jacket is the perfect last-minute addition to any outfit, letting you run out the door looking like you stepped off the runway.
Make it Match
If you can’t get enough of denim, good news! Neither can style influencers. Denim jumpsuit plus denim jacket? Yes please. Oversized denim outerwear on top of slimming denim pants? Of course. Don’t be afraid to pile on the denim, whether in layers or as matching sets. 
If you don’t have at least one denim jacket in your closet, you’re missing out. On days when you’re not feeling the leather look, you feel like your wardrobe is a little too sweet, or you’re just ready for something different, you’ll be relieved to know that all you have to do is reach for the denim and you’re good to go.