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How to Wear Your Knee-High Boots

By Sara Antonuccio
Which shoe holds more power than knee-high boots? Casual, upscale, perfect for date night and for running errands, with towering heels or something more down to earth, they’re the Swiss army knife of the fashion world. Here are some low-effort ways to style your knee-high boots:
Play with Dress Lengths
Knee-high boots occupy that happy middle ground where they’re able to be paired with dresses of any length, but our two favorites are calf length and thigh length. This season, calf-length knit dresses are making their way onto every designer’s runway, and they just so happen to look great with a pair of boots. Thigh-length dresses do too, since they show off your boots and your legs all in one go. If you get too chilly, wear a cute pair of tights underneath. 
Embrace Asymmetry
How many asymmetrical skirts do you have in your closet? One? None? This is your chance to expand your fashion choices and try something a little different. Asymmetrical skirts, as the name suggests, aren’t perfectly symmetrical and usually have a slit or opening on one side; a slit that’s perfect for showing off a killer pair of knee-high boots. This might be a little more of a bold fashion choice, but give it a try and see if it’s a look that suits you!
Look for Leather
Boots and leather are a match made in heaven. Leather pants paired with a great set of boots give off a punk rock look that’s somehow still oh so chic, especially when you mix fabrics (suede boots, anyone?). Leather skirts are another stylish option; wear a black mini skirt with knee-high boots, and you’ll look like you just stepped out of fashion week.
Who needs other shoe styles when you have knee-high boots that can go with any outfit on any occasion? If you don’t have a pair or 5 in your closet, it’s time to go shopping.