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Shoe Styles We’re Loving

By Sara Antonuccio
You must love shoes or you wouldn’t be reading this right now, and you’re likely looking for some new styles just like we are! But we’re not talking boring flats, worn down sneakers, or flip flops that have seen better days. No, we’ve fallen in love with new, unique styles that take the looks of years gone by and turn them on their heads! 
  • Flatforms - If platform shoes and flats had a baby, flatforms would be it! While many platform shoes have a slight heel to them, flatforms are exactly what they sound like: flat platform shoes. You can gain height and style all in one go! Ankle strap and espadrille-style flatforms are the ones we’re fond of lately.

  • Strappy Flip Flop Heels - Hybrids seem to be the new trend, and the one we’re head over heels for is strappy flip flop heels! You can wear boring old flip flops any day, but when you add a slight heel, even as short as a kitten heel, you give your shoes a whole new, upgraded look.

  • Braided Sandals - Chunky chains might have been a big hit recently, but what we think is even more stylish for shoes is braids! Braided straps on sandals have a tropical vacation look that makes you want to dance the night away on a beach. We’re big fans of flat sandals with a single thick braided strap, as well as block heel sandals with double straps.

  • Cushioned Flip Flops - We said we would stay away from boring flip flops, and we meant it. Cushioned flip flops don’t necessarily mean the arch supporting kind that are meant for those with foot troubles (but it can!). We’re talking flip flops that literally have a cushioned foot bed, like you’re walking on a sea of clouds. The thicker the cushion, the better.

  • Sport Sandals - If you favor function over form but want a pair of shoes that can serve both purposes, you’ll love sport sandals. They’re designed for around town, outdoors, always on your feet kind of days, but they can also be made with looks in mind and utilize materials and color combos that feel less G.I. Jane and more Gigi Hadid. 
You may not be able to reinvent the wheel, but you can certainly reinvent shoes, and that’s why we love all of these styles! They’re fresh takes on old favorites, and that’s what makes them special.