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The Spring Sneaker Styles You Need to Know About

By Andrea Spanik
If there’s one must-have spring staple that we love for casual, relaxed looks, it’s the sneaker. 
So easy to throw on, the sneaker has gone from an athletic footwear piece to something that you can wear with virtually anything. 
If you’re all about sneakers, too, here are some of our favorite spring sneaker styles that we recommend adding to your style lineup: 
1)    Everyday Canvas Sneaker 
These sneaker styles are some of the most versatile for styling into your everyday wardrobe. They’re great for walking, but because of their more sleek and California-cool feel, you can style them with everything from your favorite pair of jeans to that pretty floral mini skirt you picked up last weekend. 
2)    Trainers 
While your trainers might feel like something you reserve for the gym, more and more, these traditional running shoes are getting an everyday makeover. 
Worn with leggings or joggers for that athletic cool feel, trainers give your style a sporty edge while still keeping things on-trend and chic. 
3)    Retro Styles 
While these sneakers might not be for everyone, if you’re someone who appreciates a good throwback, you’ll likely be itching to add some retro sneakers to your lineup. 
Think of the chunky Nikes your dad might have worn back in the ‘90s. Yup, that’s the sneaker style in 2021, and we’re going with it. 
4)    Color-blocked 
This spring is all about livening up your style with some color. When seeking out sneakers, find shades that speak to you, but bottom line, the more color you wear in your sneakers, the better. Plain and simple. 
5)    High-tops
That’s right—high tops are here to stay, and if you’ve already invested in this trend, you’re probably happy to hear, high tops aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. 
Particularly trendy with mini skirts and dresses, we’re loving how high tops instantly add a level of cool to any outfit. 
In fact, to us, sneakers always add a whole new level of cool to an outfit. What do you think? Are you a sneaker fan?